Georgios Kaissis

Technical University of Munich - Helmholtz Munich - Imperial College London


September 2023

July 2023
  • Our paper on uncertainty propagation through deep learning pipelines was accepted as a spotlight at UNSURE@MICCAI 2023.
  • Our paper on unsupervised anomaly detection was accepted to Transactions on Medical Imaging.
  • My co-authors and I were awarded the publication prize of the Bavarian Centre for Cancer Research (BZKF) for our work on deep learning-assisted immunological image analysis.
  • Our paper utilising Bayesian deep learning for analysing high-resolution microscopy images in immunology is now out in Cancer Cell. Check it out here.
  • New pre-print on privacy-utility trade-offs and membership inference attacks against graph neural networks for medical applications with collaborators from TUM. Check it out here.
  • New pre-print on bounding data reconstruction in differentially private deep learning with collaborators from DeepMind and TUM. Check it out here.